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Hello, my names Haley, I honestly get too shy to ask anyone to rp other than my best friend.....I'm just nervous and scared of being turned down, for friendship as well....I have a hard time making and keeping pals....but you're welcome to rp or strike up conversation at any time and I'll try to get back to you asp, I'm trying to keep most of my accs free from my rants so there will be very few rant journals on here if any, I hope you all have a great day.




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Mike/mika schmidt
United States
Mike :

You pretty much all know the story of this asshole, he was the victim of the bite of 87...lost his frontal lobe and acquired a nasty change in personality blah, blah, blah, and so on but Mike is aware he is the victim of that incident due to a certain purple phantom telling him...or rather showing him, Mike knows anmitronics want him dead for a crime that was committed towards the 5 missing children so long ago and whose souls now process the animal try to kill him every night as an act of revenge. Mike can be extremely stubborn at times refusing to let anything get in his way or prevent him from achieving his goal.He is not easy to befriend his nasty attitude and sarcastic remarks make many avoid him, Though once you get to know him he's actually a rather nice but very troubled guy, He has a soft spot for animals preferring them over people because they won't judge the way he looks, talks, laughs, etc.

Mika :

Mika is mikes female counterpart and the same story as mike is true for her. in the AU of the story she is pregnant with seven pups, Vincents children to be exact.  she is the same person as mike yet not human ether, in chimera form Mika is heavily pregnant but very durable, her pups are much more developed due to the miracle of her chimera species, in this AU Vincent instead of being a close friend is a lover whose soul is linked to Mika's body and will defend her if need be, Mika works as a day guard at the pizzeria, she's loved by the children for her caring and mother like instincts, they love to feel the pups kick inside her...what child wouldn't be curious...? However they don't know that the pups arnt exactly human... 

Vincent :

In this AU Vincent is actually not the killer he was accused of murdering the 5 children, Vincent is rather shy and prefers to be alone most of the time mainly spending countless hours reading or talking to himself, His life was changed during the time he worked at Freddy's he was hired as a security guard to look after the children, Vincent actually loved kids be he wasn't great around them mainly unsure of what to do if a child got hurt or lost their parents, Vincent is a good secret keeper which is why he wasn't fired or worse when he found out who killed the 5 kids, He was however blackmailed into disposing of the bodies of the children,He did do so but not without being plagued by nightmares every night of the poor children being slaughtered as he watched, Vincent was killed by the robots while trying to mess up their circuiting to save himself one night, His spirit never crossed over and he still wandered the pizzeria looking for a purpose he eventually meets Mike and forges a strong friendship with him after saving him from Chica.
Vincent is aware he looks like a monster half the time while in ghost form and will hide himself as much as possible

Actual Vincent acc here :iconviolenceisgolden:



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It had been a few months since then. Mika hadn't really come out of her home much and he was getting worried. He finally managed to get up the courage to go to see her, hesitantly knocking on the door and gulping nervously.
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There was silence at first, Then soft footsteps were heard as she approached the door, she opened it just a little and peered out nervously. "Y..Yes..?"
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